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Opportunity in Thailand:

Hua Hin Modern Moroccan


Presented by our partner

Luxury Lifestyle Estate PGL LTD


Hua Hin_bluroc_map.jpg

Hua Hin Bluroc map

Hua Hin_bluroc_masterplan.jpg

Hua Hin Bluroc masterplan

Hua Hin_bluroc_pool_4.jpg

Hua Hin Bluroc pool

Hua Hin_bluroc_pool_3.jpg

Hua Hin Bluroc pool

Hua Hin_bluroc_pool_2.jpg

Hua Hin Bluroc pool

Hua Hin_bluroc_pool.jpg

Hua Hin Bluroc pool

Hua Hin_bluroc_01.jpg

Hua Hin Bluroc

Hua Hin_bluroc_interiorjpg.jpg

Hua Hin Bluroc interior

Hua Hin_bluroc_studio-s.jpg
Hua Hin_bluroc_1bedroom-m.jpg
Hua Hin_bluroc_1bedroom_l.jpg
Hua Hin_bluroc_2bedroom_xl.jpg

A place that we are proudly introducing - Bluroc Hua Hin


A brand new Moroccan themed condo in Hua Hin, located north of Hua Hin, it is beautifully designed with a stunning swimming pool and garden. Ideal for living or as a vacation home.



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