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Actinavis in cooperation with ACURY YACHT Brand is proud to represent the Yachts in the UAE and in Switzerland as well as Europe: ACURY YACHTS manufactured by SEA STELLA.


This manufacturing facility was built by Zhangzhou Yihong Yacht Industrial Co. Ltd, a shipyard which was set up in 2005 by the YIHONG GROUP. The YIHONG GROUP was founded in 1996 with a business scope covering real estate development, sales and property management, yacht building & sales, tourism investment and financial services. The group has total investments worth over a billion yuan (over AED 600 million) and is now one of the most successful private enterprises in Xiamen.


Zhangzhou Yihong Yacht Industrial Co. Ltd operates in the fields of yacht R & D, yacht design and building, OEM spare parts and after-sales service. The SEA STELLA brand is the creation of this shipyard which employs ITALIEN YACHT DESIGNERS for their designs and ITALIEN YACHT ENGINEER TEAM to oversee the building process. In addition 80% of the parts for the yachts are imported.


The shipyard itself covers 670,000 square meters and is located on the coast with 1,400 meters of coastline, 300,000 square meters of sea area and a 6,000 square meter yacht dock which was built inside the shipyard strictly for yacht launching and sailing tests.


R & D is an integral part of this company with emphasis on innovation to keep abreast of the competition. Due to this they have now developed several series of luxury yachts to meet the needs of discerning yacht owners. They range in size from 30ft to 165ft (9m to 50m) and include:


High speed hardtop sport yachts

Luxury yachts with fly bridge

Luxury party or entertainment yachts


This company aims to meet the needs of the growing yacht market by continuing to develop cost effective customised yachts of high standards. The concept for this brand is one in which their yachts are people oriented when it comes to the design of the customised interiors; every new owner has input on the layout and configuration of their interior. Elegance and sophisticated technology, high quality with ITALIEN influence and CHINESE workmanship all combine to result in something unique for each owner.


Actinavis in cooperation with Acury in Dubai looks forward to working with this brand and expanding its popularity in new areas.


For further information on the yachts available, please contact Atinavis in Europe or Acury in UAE  with your specific requirements.


Shipyard covers  670,000 square meters



AQUITALIA desiner for Sea Stella Yachts

Sea Stella Yachts production and  at sea

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