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Why invest in Malaysia?

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Malaysia itself is well located within Asia Pacific and Asean!

Within Asia Pacific rim where Asia Pacific real estate account for 25% of the global real estate!”

Within Asean region, a place poised with positive economy of escalating growing, more so with the coming of the Asean Economic Co-operation(AEC) taking place in 2015 Malaysia is poised to become the hotbed of Asia Pacific REAL ESTATE market in the next 5 to 10 years!



Another recent boost for Malaysia with recent ranking being the top 6th country in the world as themost easiest and friendliness in doing business by World Bank! It has jumped from previous year’s ranking of 16, this proof Malaysia truly on track on its economytransformation and able to poise a place of investment welcoming foreigners! Complete info on Business Investment by Foreigners at]



2013 UNCTAD Report affirmed Malaysia’s attractiveness in Foreign Direct Investment as an attractive destination raising the country’s rank from 13th to 16th in the world and Malaysia also the 3rd largest recipient FDI in Asean as a Top Prospective Host Economy for 2013-2015 in its World Investment Report.



USA and European still struggling to get out of their economic woes. USA bogged down too huge the debt ceiling. As for Europe continent, Christian Lagarde recent shared with Wall Street Journal “Europe is like a beautiful ship that has been pampered for the soft seas, but not completely finished for rough waters, If you don’t have a completely finished ship and you start sailing in rough waters, it’s as if you had a wreck.”



Hong Kong and Singapore’s properties price has risen too much and now is taking a beating, this has deter the appetite of the foreign investors!



The wealthy Chinese continue to pour out the money to invest in other countries and Malaysia has seen as one of their target place for property investment! These are the 6 main reasons why foreigners still favored Malaysia over Dubai, Turkey, Spain, Greece! At the micro level, the country made tremendous progress in all front, providing stability in politics, economic growth and with on-track performances in

achieving the Economic Transformation Program (ETP) has also been very encouraging! Why Invest in Malaysia Property – More reasons!

One of the cheapest property prices in Asia with good growth amidst a resilient economy. Property prices still growing despite worldwide slow economy, KLCC area price appreciation is between 5% to 10% for the last 2 years Malaysian economy is growing; GDP growth for the year 2012 is 5.6% and estimate for 2013 is 4.5% on target Malaysia property offers stable rental income rental for last 2 years between 4 to 5%per annum. Low unemployment rate of less than 3% yearly with the inflation rate at average 2.5%


  • Malaysia experience increasing visitor arrivals for 2013 – Top 10th Tourist Destination in the World

  • Malaysia has launched “2014 Year of Visit Malaysia“ worldwide, aim to bring increase tourist arrival of 28 million

  • Malaysia ranked No 1 in World Muslim Tourism 2012

  • Malaysia ranked 20th on the Global Peace Index Report 2012

  • Malaysia is the safest country in South East Asia and the 3rd in Asia on the Global Peace Index Report 2012

  • Malaysia ranked 24th on the Global Trade Enabled Economies 2012 by World Economic Forum

  • Malaysia ranked 6th in 2013-2014 Global Competitiveness Report by World Economic Forum

  • Malaysia is within the top 20%, ranked 16th in World Competitiveness 2012-2013 rated by the World Financial Forum

  • Malaysia ranked 1st on Best Place to Retire by the Japanese in 2013

  • Malaysia ranked 3rd Best Place to Retire by International Living Inc. in 2014 for it retirement residency- MM2H program

  • Malaysia ranked 18th Best Place to Migrate by the Americans World Investment Report revealed that Malaysia was the 3rd best for FDI in Asean, 4th best in Asia, and the top 10th in AT Kearney 2012 FDI Confidence Index.

  • Malaysia retained 3rd Best Global Services location ranking for 8 years in a row, revealed at Shared Serviced Outsourcing Conference 2012

  • Malaysia’s literacy is high with over 93%

  • Malaysia allows 100% foreign ownership in company in properties investment

  • Malaysia Government practices liberal investment and tax policies

  • Malaysia a growing country of 28 million people with low density

  • Malaysia is known as a politically stable and peaceful country


Mixed races of Malay, Chinese, Indians-culture living harmoniously with each other Malaysians are best known as friendly and hospitable people. A place of peaceful living free from major natural disasters such as volcanos, floods, tsunami and earthquakes Living cost is relatively low.

Malaysia is an education hub housed to many international universities’ campuses such as Monash, Northingham, Manchester with a variety of international schools English language is widely used thus it is easy to communicate.

Good connectivity with broadband of 4G.

Easy and affordable connectivity to other countries with well developed infrastructure of airports, highways and seaports

World class private hospitals and health care system is now the map of great potential of growth for medical tourism attracting many foreigners for quality service on par of world class health care facilities.

One of the top class hospital Prince Court @ KLCC has won 2013 World Best Hospital for Medical Tourism by ranked Medical Travel Quality Alliance.


Malaysia Government has set the following targets of Malaysia Economy Transformation Plan (ETP) :

  • To lift Malaysia’s gross national income (GNI) per capita to more than USD 15,000 by year 2020

  • To sustain GNI growth of 6% per annum

  • To continue shift towards a service-based economy in greater measure to increase current growth from 58 % to 65 % in the same period

  • To create more than 3.3 million new jobs spread across the country in urban and rural areas

  • To transform the new jobs will result in a shift towards middle and high-income salary brackets

  • To transform Klang Valley into Greater Kuala Lumpur into a world-class city, including introducing 5 new MRT lines,TRX (Financial Hub) and 100-storey building of Warisan Building

  • To initiates more activities in building alternative energy generation capacity and conserving our environment to promote eco-tourism.


More reasons


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Why Invest in Malaysia Property- The highlight news that will bring Malaysia to the greater height!


Malaysia attracts committed investment of MYR220 billions (USD 75 billions) in 3 years! The annual growth rate of private investment since the start of the economic transformation in 2010 has tripled. The baseline average of five percent a year from 2008 to 2010 has been lifted three-fold to 16 percent for the period 2010 to 2012. This year, private investment is forecast to grow at 16.2 percent, hitting MYR135.8 billion

(USD 45 billions). More on this info at



2013 continuous funds pour in by China and Singapore developers in the Malaysia real estate investment by acquiring many lands. Top 7th developer in China, Country Garden has brought 7 pieces of land throughout Malaysia and many more other foreign developers from France, UAE and Qatar has done the same.



Feb 2013- both leaders of Singapore and Malaysia have agreed to build a high-speed rail link between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur that will significantly cut travel time for commuters to just 90 minutes, expected ready by the year 2019! Prime Minister Lee Hsein Loong said: “It’s a strategic project for the two countries. It will change the way we see each other. It’s the way people in London and Paris are able to – think of it like twin cities where you can commute, go up there, do business, meet friends have a meal and come back, all within maybe two-thirds of a day. “And I think it’s going to be a game-changer. It will transform the way people interact, the intensity of our cooperation and the degree in which we become inter-dependent on one another and therefore have stakes in each other’s success.”


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