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Opportunity in Thailand:

Khao Yai Pirom at Vineyard

Vineyard valley living

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Pirom at Vineyard

This highly exclusive project covers 160 hectares of land which has been a treasured asset of one of Thailand’s most prominent gentleman. It incorporates a beautiful, natural lake and the residences planned will further embellish nature rather than detract from it.


Located conveniently close enough to the international airports in Bangkok but a world away, lies this rare and hidden paradise of unspoiled land. Tucked within the green hills of Khao Yai and enclosed in a forest which has remained unchanged for centuries, is one of the country’s last remaining refuges for lakes, forests, flora and fauna. For the exclusive few who are inspired by the richness of the minimal and the quiet luxury of the natural, your opportunity has arrived to own a piece of heaven for yourself.


The vineyard project begins and ends with its landscape, which is reflected by the limits that have been imposed on construction. A full 400 of its 800 Rai of land will be dedicated to common areas and gardens to enhance the community and allow nature to take center stage. With a limited number of plots, sightlines to the hills and lakes will be preserved as well as the ecosystem that underlies the beauty of the land. Using a “less is more” concept in design, building and layout, this project provides each of its residential families an undisturbed connection to their rejuvenating surroundings.





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